Best tips when saving for your dream machine

Posted by luqman | Money | Monday 25 November 2013 9:54 am
Saving for Cars

Saving for Cars

Many of us dream of buying a particular car. For some of us, the goal is anything which is practical and affordable, for others it might be a classic saloon or vintage sports car. Rarely can we satisfy such a desire immediately. More often, it takes time and perseverance in order to save up the amount of cash necessary to buy the car of our dreams.

Here, we look at a few tips to help you through the saving process.

Paint your target

The very first step on the saving journey is a simple one. You’ll need to have a rough idea of how much you aim to have and, if you like, the time frame within which you’d like to achieve your goal. You can do this simply by taking a look at the market. Having an idea of the amount you’re looking to save will allow you to come up with a rough idea of how much to put away at various intervals.

Be sure to set aside what you save

Taking steps to save money is one thing, making sure you hang on to the money is another. The best way to ensure that you make it to your target is actually to set aside what you save. If, for example, you decide to give up smoking in order to free up some finances, be sure to set aside the cost of a pack of cigarettes each time you would ordinarily be buying one.

This will prevent you from spending the money on something else.

Stay focused

During the middle stages of the saving process, it can be easy to lose focus. When you don’t quite have the funds needed to buy your dream machine but have freed up a considerable amount by changing your spending habits, you’ll find yourself in a tricky position.

To make sure you don’t get distracted and end up spending your hard earned money on something else, it is wise to stay in touch with your goal. Going to have a look at some Fiat used cars from time to time can help to keep your eyes on the prize.

Reminding yourself of your original motivations is the best way to keep them alive. You can use trips like these to reward yourself for meeting saving targets at the end of each month, or with each of your pay cheques.

Getting the Best BMW for your budget

Posted by luqman | Business | Thursday 3 October 2013 2:56 pm
Buying a BMW

Buying a BMW

So you’ve decided on buying a BMW. Firstly, congratulations for choosing one of the finest car manufacturers of all time; you’re soon going to be driving in a car built around innovative technology, oozing with passion and beaming with heritage.

Secondly, it’s now time to pick which model is right for you, bearing in mind both your personal needs and your all-important budget.

This handy guide summarises the best BMW used cars, helping you choose the right one for you. If you didn’t already know, the consecutive series get more and more expensive as you go up, so the 7 Series, for example, is far more expensive than the 1 Series. That’s because the higher series cars and bigger, more powerful and more luxurious.

1 Series

If you’re working on a small budget then the 1 Series is probably your best bet as they’re the cheapest models. Perfect little commuter cars though compared to higher models there isn’t much luxury.

3 Series

Next up is the 3 Series; BMW’s bread and butter car. Four doors with great handling, and some will have turbo charged engines as an optional add-on and all come at a fairly decent price.

5 Series

The 5 Series is a mid-size sedan which is for drivers who really want to experience BMW handling at its very best. Base engines start at 215bhp and the car benefits from an incredibly luxurious interior.

6 Series

Up from the 5 Series is the 6 Series, BMW’s full-size coupe or convertible. As standard it comes with a wealth of creature comforts and even the base engine packs 360bhp for strong performance out on the road.

7 Series

The 7 Series is the true flagship car for the company. It’s where all of BMW’s prowess and engineering excellence is most evident but whilst its huge size may appeal to you it is matched with a larger price tag.
The M models pack one hell of a punch but you’ll be looking to pay a bit more for them. The X Series are SAVs (Sports Activity Vehicles) that have a higher seating position with a varied price range depending on the exact model you choose.

The very nature of the used-car market means prices vary hugely. If you want a higher series BMW then you’re going to have to pay that bit extra for one – but that’s not to say it’s not worth it!

The Advantages of Starting an Online Business

Posted by luqman | Business | Monday 2 September 2013 9:05 pm
Online Business

Online Business

In an unsteady economy, it’s important to have multiple streams of income to achieve greater financial security. No matter where you live or how much spare time you have, creating an online business is a surprisingly viable option. Whether you’re interested in turning your hobby into a career or simply want a change of pace from your current job, creating a blog or ecommerce business can provide a fulfilling money-making opportunity. There are a number of benefits associated with starting an internet-based business which are worth exploring.

Flexible Hours

Many of us have fantasized about working from home, and running an online business means you can work from just about anywhere on the world. Business activities can be monitored and websites updated while travelling abroad, or from your bedroom. There are numerous software packages and mobile apps which help facilitate this flexibility. Your online shop can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve customers from all over the world, but you only need to sign in when it suits your schedule.

Diverse Opportunities

Running an ecommerce business means that you can sell virtually any product or service that you can think of. Many successful business owners choose a highly specific niche market, and cater to this audience. Whether you want to sell downloads of e-books or antique jewellery; the sky’s the limit with an online business.


One of the most important benefits for many is that it is extremely cost-effective to start an online business in comparison to a brick-and-mortar operation. The minimal costs required to get a website up and running include web hosting and the cost of registering a domain name. New business owners can minimise overhead costs by working with drop shipping companies and local web designers. For example, if you were based in Southern California you could look at this list of Los Angeles web design companies at Shopify to find a full web hosting and design package. The start-up costs for this type of service are far lower than sourcing and stocking a retail shop. Choosing to work with a local website design Los Angeles team or wherever you are based may also allow you to barter services and have someone nearby to help with the logistics of running a site.

Green Friendliness

Running an online business can significantly reduce your carbon footprint, according to this study from Carnegie Mellon. As you’re just starting out, you may work alone and then branch out to just a few staff. There’s no need for commuting, saving the emissions and fuel consumption. Transactions can be completed electronically, which saves paper.

Efficient Marketing

Online advertising is cheap, and social media marketing is often free of charge. This allows you to reach out to potential new clients via multiple online channels without spending a penny. Online businesses can also not only work with local clients, but ship to customers based all over the world. With the reach of online advertising, it’s easier to grow a business rapidly and successfully.

Flexibility, marketing potential, and environmental-friendliness are just a few of the top reasons to think about starting an online business. This type of opportunity can be tailored to your unique needs and financial goals, for optimum success.

How to lower your business expenses

Posted by luqman | Business | Monday 2 September 2013 8:49 pm
Business Expenses

Business Expenses

Business expenses can have a major impact on your life. Hence today I am going to share a few tips on how to effectively cut down on your business costs. A business involves a lot of aspects which can prove to be highly expensive such as building space, staff and other advertising needs. Insurance is a major need of any business and might sometime take a lot of money out of you. Due to this reason most of the business personnel’s decide to cut down on their insurance. This is an extremely wrong move.

Rather doing this they can cut down the expenses on other factors which won’t affect your business in any possible way. You should look on lowering the office costs renegotiating to your landlord regarding the lease agreement. Extra space within your own office could be used effectively and you may consider renting for other activities. New things always cost you highly, hence purchasing used space, furniture and other gadgets for your office will help you save some money. Saving energy and reducing the electric bills by minimal use is also a good option in this regard and always remember that you may find the best offers online.

Intelligent staffing is also required. You must aim towards lowering your staff costs and expenses. Revising the number of staff persons and their working hours will help you reduce their pay accordingly. Scheduling a virtual assistant and answering service is being adopted by many to reduce down on the costs. Outsourcing the staff benefits, payroll and human resources is also suggestible. Apart from these expenses marketing and advertising also involve a lot of expense and adjusting this field may drastically reduce your business costs. You should constantly keep a check over your budget.

Advertising efforts should be revised and switching to a new media platform or advertising online will cost you less. Featuring your ads over social site such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will cost you absolutely nothing and will also get you a lot of visitors and customers. Building a website for your business and publishing the web address among the crowd will help you reduce further marketing costs. Printed paper work for clients can cost you more when compared to e-newsletters. Revise your mailing list and remove bad addresses which might require extra charges.

Insurance costs can even cost more. Hence consulting your insurance agent and knowing the ways to reduce the insurance cost may also help you set up a business at a cheap price. Lower premiums and higher deductibles are some ways to reduce the insurance costs. Member discounts are also handed by many insurance companies and agents. Improving the profitability of your business will also reduce the impact of the costs. Profits are an integral factor which can help you trim down on business costs. But before taking any of the above steps carefully revise all your expenses and identify the costs that are unnecessary and can be eliminated with ease.

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