Business Leaders Predict that AI will Transform Customer Experiences.

More than half of the leading consumer-facing firms in the UK believe that customer experience is the main area for AI innovation, according to exclusive data from Kin + Carta, the global transformation consultant, and Google Cloud.


In order to debate the future of customer experience powered by AI technology, business leaders from a variety of consumer-facing organizations, including Sky, EasyJet,, and Tesco, gathered for Gen.IE, an event co-hosted by Kin + Carta and Google Cloud. Attendees were asked: “What area do you see as the biggest opportunity for leveraging AI in your business?” while they were there. with “improving customer experiences with cutting-edge AI-driven solutions” taking first place with 51% of the vote.


Offering an intelligent experience is now a crucial component of the consumer journey, according to Mark Collin, MD, product and experience at Kin + Carta Europe. The survey’s findings demonstrate that corporate executives are becoming more aware of the potential benefits that AI offers, particularly when it comes to giving customers experiences that matter.


Participants were particularly interested in how AI may enhance business execution, with 51% citing “Driving productivity by streamlining time-consuming tasks and processes” as a potential application of AI.

Fundamentally, AI offers the chance to save time, whether it is for the client directly or for corporate procedures, says Collin. The most crucial step in using AI is determining where and how it can best serve a business.


Results came from research done at the Gen.IE event, which was conducted in London on June 19, 2023 in collaboration with Kin + Carta and Google Cloud. 43 business executives from some of the most well-known businesses in the nation were polled.