Downhill biking

The downhill bike (also referred to as downhill mountain biking or descent biking) is a sport where the goal is to descend, using a mountain bike, specially on designed tracks through the mountains. The rider must demonstrate commitment, technical skills and possess a keen sense of control to tackle the roots, slopes, bumps, jumps and other natural obstacles encountered during a raid. There are many countries in the world where are a lot of mountain bike professionals. For example you can find big mountains in the US, France or Spain. There is a big choice of huge mountains. Sometimes you can watch some challenges on TV and it is very exciting. There is also a world championship where you can see the best professionals.

The specialized equipment required by the discipline is often expensive. Made on a smaller scale, responding to the needs of solidity and reliability, the equipment is often really expensive, some bikes reaching down prices in thousands of dollars for the most advanced but you have to invest the money if you want to drive by bike for many years. If you are just a semiprofessional you can get a bike that is cheaper.

Equipments required

The driver must be equipped with a helmet, mask or goggles, long gloves and also protection for the forearms, elbows, shoulders, spine, hips, knees and shins. Their role is essential for protection in case of unexpected fall or collision (trees, rocks, branches, etc.). You have to look for a good quality of the equipment and there are big differences in prices. Famous brands that concentrate just on protection should be preferred.

The frame

The bikes borrow characteristics of both mountain biking, and of course motocross. It must above all be strong, and must have good suspensions. The wheels and frame are specially designed to withstand high stress. However, the descent becomes more and more a mechanical sport, lightness becomes increasingly important, many pilots adding custom components to gain a few precious grams in pedaling and raises.

Part of a downhill mountain bike has a relatively low center of gravity to enhance stability and maneuverability and It is generally made of aluminum, or carbon sometimes. Its geometry is very specific, like the cinematic work that emphasizes the suspension performance. Due to strong constraints, managers use new standard oversize headset in 1 “1 / 2, BB in 83mm, 12x150mm through axle.