Getting the Best BMW for your budget

Buying a BMW

Buying a BMW

So you’ve decided on buying a BMW. Firstly, congratulations for choosing one of the finest car manufacturers of all time; you’re soon going to be driving in a car built around innovative technology, oozing with passion and beaming with heritage.

Secondly, it’s now time to pick which model is right for you, bearing in mind both your personal needs and your all-important budget.

This handy guide summarises the best BMW used cars, helping you choose the right one for you. If you didn’t already know, the consecutive series get more and more expensive as you go up, so the 7 Series, for example, is far more expensive than the 1 Series. That’s because the higher series cars and bigger, more powerful and more luxurious.

1 Series

If you’re working on a small budget then the 1 Series is probably your best bet as they’re the cheapest models. Perfect little commuter cars though compared to higher models there isn’t much luxury.

3 Series

Next up is the 3 Series; BMW’s bread and butter car. Four doors with great handling, and some will have turbo charged engines as an optional add-on and all come at a fairly decent price.

5 Series

The 5 Series is a mid-size sedan which is for drivers who really want to experience BMW handling at its very best. Base engines start at 215bhp and the car benefits from an incredibly luxurious interior.

6 Series

Up from the 5 Series is the 6 Series, BMW’s full-size coupe or convertible. As standard it comes with a wealth of creature comforts and even the base engine packs 360bhp for strong performance out on the road.

7 Series

The 7 Series is the true flagship car for the company. It’s where all of BMW’s prowess and engineering excellence is most evident but whilst its huge size may appeal to you it is matched with a larger price tag.
The M models pack one hell of a punch but you’ll be looking to pay a bit more for them. The X Series are SAVs (Sports Activity Vehicles) that have a higher seating position with a varied price range depending on the exact model you choose.

The very nature of the used-car market means prices vary hugely. If you want a higher series BMW then you’re going to have to pay that bit extra for one – but that’s not to say it’s not worth it!