Mercedes- Not Just a Status Symbol

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz S-Class 8

For decades, Mercedes has been a byword in prestige and luxury. Kitting yourself or your business out with one of these cars shows you have class and style but it can also prove you’re safety conscious. With Frontier Lease Car Deals you can update your model every couple of years to keep up with the amazing safety innovations.

Ensuring your driveway or company fleet is regularly updated also helps you to save fuel and money. Modern cars decked out with engine stop-start technology means you can simultaneously go green and save money on fuel, a rapidly rising cost for which households and businesses alike are perpetually budgeting.

The new S-Class has been billed as ‘The Best Car In The World’ and many motoring experts agree that for innovation and safety it’s unparalleled.

The Car That Knows it’s Going to Crash

Mercedes is developing incredible safety technology which means certain models are ‘Pre-Safe’.  That is, they sense a collision may be about to happen and react accordingly.

It works using a network of sensors which decide whether you might crash – for example if you go into a heavy skid. The car then reacts by tightening seatbelts, adjusting headrests and even closing windows and sunroofs. These amazing developments mean you could be providing your fleet of workers with cars which not only look the part but which keep them safer than ever on the roads.

The makers have also developed Attention Assist to help prevent crashes which occur when drivers are tired. Sensors detect whether you steering patterns and other driving habits seem to have changed and the car will sound an alarm if it thinks you may be nodding off.

These safety features sound pretty space age, but a major factor with car leasing and contract hire for businesses is that you can take advantage of these kinds of advances in technology and not be left lagging behind with a car you are still paying off 10 years later.

Also, you can ensure you have the right kind of safety features for your workforce, allowing them to put their best foot forward when promoting you and your company image. You may start off running a cottage industry and end up with several drivers travelling up and down the country a few years later, meaning that car type and safety features become ever more important.

Frontier are Mercedes Car Leasing specialists and, as such, can help you find the right model – whether that is a Mercedes or any other vehicle. Whether you’re looking to lease the latest model for yourself or want to provide an impressive fleet of cars for your business, they can help.

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