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Although there are an amazing number of benefits to renting serviced office space in Central London, perhaps the greatest amenity is having a facility that has round-the-clock security. No matter where your office is located, you will want to know that it is safe for clients as well as for your staff and you will certainly want to know that any office equipment you have on premises will be safe from theft. There are many buildings in London where you can find office space at a reasonable price but the first thing you should look for is serviced office space that includes both CCTV and security guards because safety is of prime importance.

London, like any other big city, has its fair share of crime and when renting Official Space with on-site security you will always be assured that the premises are as safe as possible. If you are left to provide your own security it would be a costly endeavour and something which many small businesses just can’t afford within a limited budget. Also, serviced office space makes it possible to move in quickly with a minimal amount of legal red tape. Many of these offices also are completely furnished which means that the only thing you need to bring with you is your personal office equipment, and of course your staff.

Some Central London office space also has a staffed reception area so that clients are greeted properly and directed to your suite without the need to pay a receptionist salary. Whether you choose to hire a person to greet clients or leave it to the serviced reception area is up to you and the budget you have available, but since service is included why not take advantage of it? Since leases can be found from three months to several years, it is possible to move in immediately, set up your office equipment and go to work immediately. There is nothing like serviced office space in Central London to get your business up and running literally overnight.