Student Advice: Assignments v Celebrations

Student Advice

Assignments v Celebrations

Every student has come across the similar dilemma; an essay to write that is due in at the same time as a family member’s party to attend. Which do you choose? Well believe it or not, it is possible to have fun as well as balance the books with some top advice. You are bound to have both a celebratory occasion that you need to be present for as well as an exam that you need to revise for but the key is organisation and planning.

When you travel back home for an event, it is pointless to have your mind elsewhere. When spending quality time with people, you need to have your attention fully focused rather than thinking about the essay that still needs to be done. Students can do this by scheduling dedicated time slots that ensures work gets done and handed in before the deadline. Arrange these sessions around any planned events in your diary and when it comes to fulfilling the work, make sure that the environment is free of distractions to boost productivity levels.

Give yourself enough time per time slot to complete the work. If you know that something takes an hour, don’t give yourself 30 minutes. It will only result in you rushing through the work and making mistakes. Give yourself adequate time so the quality of work is to a high standard. Firms like can check over any pieces of work to make sure it is free of spelling blunders and grammatical errors but this doesn’t mean that you can hurry through the work to attend a party with your friends.

Take into account what value the workload is worth when determining having fun versus studying. Is an essay that equates to 60% of the overall course mark more important than a girl’s night in drinking wine? Be honest with yourself. It is possible to balance the workload as well as have a good time but you need to make priorities. Your sister’s wedding is an important event but this is in stark contrast to the sports teams’ night out.