Taking advantage of summertime chances for education firms to avoid the school-holiday slump

Small enterprises in the children’s education sector may experience difficulties during the summer months. Footfall tends to decline, website visits are less frequent, and finding new leads gets harder when fewer people are out and about and as families take vacations. Although slow summer sales are typical for many small businesses, there are methods to sustain and develop your company while also taking some time for yourself. Here, David Kim, the CEO of children’s coding gurus Code Ninjas, shares his advice on how to keep running a children’s education firm during the summer and preserve a competitive edge.


Partner with educational facilities and universities


You can develop extracurricular activities or co-create joint programs that are in line with the educational curriculum by working with schools. You may demonstrate the benefits of your services in this way to instructors, students, and parents, earning their confidence and support. Schools are amenable to marketing your education programs during school breaks since they frequently look for methods to improve the knowledge and experiences of their pupils. Additionally, you may be granted access to school functions, parent-teacher conferences, and other gatherings through such agreements, opening up important networking possibilities. School endorsements provide your company more legitimacy, enhancing its brand and drawing in more potential clients.


utilize online resources and platforms


You may contact students all around the world by utilizing digital resources to extend your reach beyond your physical location. Think about providing online lessons, webinars, or video tutorials that students can access over the break. Students can take online classes at their own speed, giving them the flexibility to accommodate education into their summer vacation schedules. Webinars and live sessions produce interactive learning environments that let students communicate with instructors in real time and ask questions. Video tutorials offer a platform of instructional material that is always available, acting as a useful tool outside of the walls of a classroom. With no need for physical classroom space and lower travel costs, online offerings can be a more affordable option for both the company and the students.


Take in an intern


You can strengthen your company’s ties to the neighborhood by providing internships to recent graduates who wish to develop marketable skills for the future. While they work on a project that is directly relevant to your company’s objectives, you can mentor them and teach them leadership skills by hosting an intern or participating in job shadowing programs. If you let them work after school or on the weekends, many children will continue to work throughout the academic year. Giving kids a job is a terrific way to do a lot of work and still have an impact on their lives, even if you can just keep them on for the summer.


Make a camp for summer


The perfect answer for parents looking for entertaining activities to keep their kids busy over the lengthy six-week break is summer camp. In addition to offering enjoyment and pleasure, they can generate worthwhile chances for both professional and personal growth. Summer camps provide a platform for children’s education companies like Code Ninjas to highlight their expertise, cutting-edge teaching methods, and unique curricula. By putting these immersive and stimulating camps into practice, you leave a lasting and favorable impression on parents by instilling their confidence and trust in the caliber of your services as they see it first-hand and your dedication to their child’s education.


Education firms might increase revenue through participation fees to make up for potential income loss brought on by regular membership breaks. This extra money can also be used to grow the company or improve the facilities, which will eventually boost the company’s reputation and draw in new clients. Education companies may turn the summer break into a lucrative opportunity that helps both their financial sustainability and their capacity to deliver high-quality educational experiences by properly capitalizing on the demand for engaging and instructional summer activities.


Summer camps used to take more of a one-size-fits-all stance. At Code Ninjas, we sought to rectify this. We have created camps with a variety of outcomes and skill needs as a result. Our pupils are known as Ninjas, and each camp offers special activities that let them make new friends and learn new skills. As a franchisee, you will therefore draw in a diverse group of Ninjas with a variety of interests and have access to all the resources you require to keep them coming back for more.


Taking time for oneself is crucial while running a business, of course. While preparing for a vacation will involve advance planning, every business owner can do it. Your energy will be restored and you’ll come back to work with a clear head and new ideas. By putting these suggestions into practice, your company will continue to grow even over the summer break, allowing you to relax and enjoy your well-earned vacation.

Acting CEO of children’s computer programming experts Code Ninjas is David Kim. Children can learn to code in a stimulating, enjoyable, and safe setting at sites around the US, Canada, and the UK. Kids enjoy learning with a game-based curriculum, and parents can plainly see outcomes. Visit www.codeninjasfranchise.co.uk for more details.