The Definition of Golf Handicap

The Definition of Golf Handicap was probably the most debated and it was even the most controversial topic amongst the golf enthusiasts and followers in the initial phase of the Golf playing because of its significance. The parameter elucidated and even numerically explained the importance of a player’s individuality and his skill etc. The handicap for Golf was considered as one of the most important constraint or a parameter that was even debated worldwide regarding the implementation and calculating procedures. A need for a universal strict protocol for finding out this parameter was highly felt and realized when definitions began to come up regionally at various levels. In addition to that, a universal and fit for all methodology was expected to find out this parameter of a player irrespective of the playing conditions like the course, wind direction and even minor factors.

The Definition of Golf Handicap was given an explanation as follows: It is a numerical representation of a player’s ability to reduce his net score. It was calculated after finding out the averages at various courses and even various holes in a given particular course. The handicap for golf is a basic parameter nowadays to determine the player’s ability. It can be equivocated as ratings in other sports. For instance the cricket governing body has a universal rating for its international players and teams in various forms of the game. Automation in the process or methodology of finding out one’s handicap measure in golf game aspects was stressed and it was believed that by doing so, the credibility of the finding of the parameter for a player remains universal.

Hence The Definition of Golf Handicap was finally drafted and a golf handicap calculator was devised. This reduced the controversies, questions, doubts and even the queries to a greater extent and it was an effort that was optimized after many trial attempts. Due considerations of course conditions, weather situations, effect produced due to wind and even the other minimal significant conditions were given and hence this calculator emerged as a most preferred one. Reliability of the calculator to find out the handicap for golf increased largely because it was drafted or even charters got framed, executed and the troubles were corrected and other effects were optimized by the governing body of the game. No wonder the golf handicap calculators are of wide use these days even amongst the beginners.