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Tesco as a retailer stands as the world’s third largest behind Wal-Mart and Carrefour. Tesco Auto insurance is a UK product from Tesco Bank. Being one of the largest UK retailer companies the product and services of Tesco almost reach every British residence in one way or other.

Tesco Bank provides a big list of consumer and commercial banking products which includes financial investment services, and different types of insurances. Auto coverage, life insurance homeowner’s policies, supplemental health insurance and many more are the products they provide at the consumer level.

Tesco Insurance Products

The Tesco Bank insurance division covers specialized policies beyond simple automobile coverage. Policies such as personal accident, breakdown coverage, over-50 coverage and also even pet insurance are available.

Regarding Auto insurance the UK people require several levels of coverage depending on their needs. As what they carry in United States they have minimum liability coverage, in addition they cover glass replacement, vandalism, full replacement of the total vehicle, and umbrella coverage. Tesco Bank also offers travel policies which is applicable for the UK drivers to travel their cars to other European Union countries.

Tesco Insurance Agents

Tesco Bank do not have individual agent as we see in American insurance companies. Their insurance policy is sold via retail banking outlets. With the various local outlets they maintain a built-in agent system. The auto insurance products for the customers can also be obtained through their websites by making a phone call or can visit the branch located nearby. In a very convenient and flexible manner the auto insurance coverage is available for the customers. All extra services are handled by the Tesco Bank directly.

Tesco Insurance Claims

The natural setup of the Tesco auto insurance that their insurance policies work on a direct-to-customer basis. This explains that the claims will be initiated by first calling their relevant insurance office to report the accident. The claim office works round the clock to ensure you that you can access any time.

The claim representative will get your information and start with the process, and thereby also give the instructions regarding what you have to do. The Tesco recommends customers not to deal with other parties involved and insists to just simply exchange information and the insurance companies will work it out.

Tesco Insurance Quotes

A quote tool is available in the Tesco Value Car Insurance website especially for the consumers who are interested in auto insurance. Perhaps there are some conditions. The first thing is the online quote tool is applicable only for the consumer who purchases the insurance policies via online. Then secondly the UK auto insurance providers can sell insurance policies online only to individuals who meet their criteria according to UK law. Thirdly, with online quote tool, once Tesco deeply reviews your information for accuracy the quoted price may vary.

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