Face your financial demons head on and slash your energy bills

Slash your energy bills

The United Kingdom continues to see a rise in the popularity of green energy, especially as energy bills continue to be a sore spot for many households. And, while it isn’t really a viable option right now, we all know that green will be king at some point. Until then, we all need to know how to compare energy prices so that we can face our demons and cut bills.

A lot of talk in recent weeks has been about the increasing problem of fuel poverty in the UK. With one report pointing to a likely number of 8.5 million struggling with this by 2016, it’s time for us all to sit up and take notice. While it can be hard for us to know how we can help the situation as a whole, we can all help ourselves. This is an ever increasing problem but there is advice we can all take for a cheaper bill.

Work incrementally

A regular contribution and addition can help many things in life work slowly but surely – saving for your private pension or saving up for that new car are two things. But, when it comes to energy, there are also small changes that you can phase in to save money long-term.

There aren’t always small changes, so by teaching yourself about energy saving, you can work towards slashing those energy bills. Understand how you can change not just your house but the world and you will see that there are things to learn and enjoy in your energy saving methods. Appliances that are certified as energy saving and renewable energy are investments for the future, and there are other things you can do around the home to fight back against the bills.

Switch up

Research by online energy comparison website uSwitch has shown that the average household can save as much as £420 on energy bills just by changing supplier. Whether it’s bad pricing or poor service, there are many reasons why people look to change, but it should go deeper than that.

What you need to do is tally up what you use on an average month, and this will give you the chance to understand what tariff fits your household the best. Through calculating this, you will know the breakdown of your bill and how to shrink gas and electric expenses in the home. Always remember that it tends to be cheap to pay for these two things together in a dual fuel while also paying on direct debit because this tends to come with discounts.

Use less energy

May seem like an obvious one, but there are always going to be ways by which you could use less energy than you currently do. Oftentimes, the biggest issue is with insulation and the two big ones come with the cavity wall and loft. If you invest in getting these filled in then your home will lose less heat and, as such, use less energy.

It’s often the simple things that make the biggest difference, and that’s no different in the home. Light bulbs are a big energy sapper, and if you just swap the traditional ones for their energy saving cousins you can save as much as £40 each year. Also, standby is definitely not your friend – always switch appliances off. Standby means they are using electricity so unplug all appliances that you don’t need to be running overnight.