When Is It Ever Right To Cheat in Education?

Cheat in Education

Cheat in Education

More than 45,000 students from universities all around the UK have been scolded in the past three years for academic misconduct, according to a recent investigation. Findings by the Independent on Sunday revealed that students have been involved in various incidents which involve forms of cheating from accidentally taking a mobile phone into an exam, to more serious accusations of plagiarism. The study found that thousands of students have copied coursework or even bought essays from professional writing companies and tried passing them off as their own work.

But when is it ever right to cheat in education? Many academic leaders have suggested that the difficult economic climate and the rise in tuition fees are to blame.

More students are leaving university and struggling to find work so the pressure when studying to get the best grades and set themselves apart from the rest, is immense. What is more, with the course fees being raised there is even more emphasis on gaining the highest marks and making the most from the money spent. UK unemployment figures are rising and the jobs market is tough, so it seems students are turning to cheating methods to strive for higher grades to compete.

It has been argued by firms like Oxbridge Essays that students are turning to essay writing companies for help because they are not getting the right support that they need from universities. Students are becoming so desperate to do well and to stand out from the competitive crowd that they are unfortunately handing in essays written by such firms instead of using them as a guideline for their own piece of work.

It is important to know that it is never right to cheat in education. Although times are hard, everyone is in the same boat together and you can still get ahead in life with hard work and enthusiasm whilst being honest. There is nothing wrong with getting a bit of help from an essay writing company in terms of inspiration but you should never pass the work off directly as your own.