How to develop a good financial plan

Good Financial Plan

Good Financial Plan

Developing a good financial plan is quite challenging these days. As you know that inflation is on the rise enormously and money is also getting de-value parallel to it. Therefore, to do savings it has also become a difficult task. To make better financial plan, one must divide its financial life into six different sections. These sections consist of assets, liabilities, property, casualty risk, personal risk, education and retirement.


One should save a part of his/her salary for one’s assets. This would be helpful for the one in future.


One should reserve a major portion for ones liabilities because you never know when a trouble is entering in your life.


A part should be also saved for the property which can include house rent, yearly property tax and other taxes related to properties.

Casualty risk:

Casualty risk can include house, car, and personal injury or many other risks of this kind. One should always save major portions of one’s finances for this kind of risk. One can risk these things very easily in danger. So, one should be always have savings for this.

Personal risk:

One should always have some savings for emergencies of health. You never know when one is going meet any accidents in life. It may risk his life, health or many other disabilities. One should always reserve a portion of his salary for such jeopardy of life. One should definitely get life insurance policy. So that financial harms can be easily fulfilled.


As you know that educating children has also become very expensive but on the same side it is also very important. An illiterate person is considered useless or valueless. A person who has many children should always be keener for saving a large amount from his/her salary for their education.


It is a well known fact that every person gets retired at a specific age. So, it is better that one should start saving at an earlier age rather than waiting for the time when he/she will get old or get retired. He/she should be eager and concerned for saving money for ones old age. There are many financial advisors and many banks, which offer good retirement plans. So, it is better for the one to get their money invested in such retirement plans.

These are some of the major categories. If one will go according to this plan, there is no chance for the one to suffer from financial crisis. There are also some tips or warnings given as follow to help these plans running efficiently:

  • As the lifestyles keep on changing with the time, therefore one should make his/her financial plans flexible
  • Keep on modifying your plans at the end of year
  • When any challenges or opportunities arise, one should use plans as standard against it.
  • One should seek skillful professional advisors for the matter involving taxes, business and estate planning
  • One should keep on integrating one’s personal values into his/her financial values.

These plans will always help you in developing good financial plans.