Importance of PR campaigns

It’s no wonder that most of us are not very sure about PR campaigns and that we tend to confuse this with marketing campaigns. If you have occasionally confused the two, then hopefully this article will clarify a few things for you. This article will deal in depth about PR campaigns: how are they different from marketing campaigns and finally how will they help the company’s growth. Also, before I start, I’d like to suggest a good resource if you want to find out more about how to create a PR plan, take a look on

What is a PR Campaign?

PR campaign, or Public Relations campaign, is the key that defines the set of things that needs to be done for any business or individual to gain some positive publicity for their business. The process requires proper planning and research for it to give some realistic benefits.  It’s an incremental process where you have to define fixed stages and work for the desired result in that stage.  Before starting the campaign you need to identify your target audience and what is the best means to reach them.  Media campaigning is the most common means adopted by most business firms as it is easiest to reach people through media. Other types of PR campaigns include the following,

  • Employee Relations
  • Customer Relations
  • Stakeholders Relations
  • Public Education Campaign
  • Investors Relation
  • Public Awareness Campaign and more

PR Campaign Vs Marketing Campaign

People who are just new to the jargon of PR campaigning, often try to confuse this with a Marketing Campaign since from the outside they both tend to serve the same purpose. But this is a myth, because PR campaigns are entirely different, and in a variety of ways.  While the former tries to win the trust from the targeted audience of the business, the later mainly concentrates to advertise the products of the business to increase the sales and revenue.  Though both tend to strive for the successes of the business, the approaches they follow are entirely different. There are many companies in the modern public relations market and it can be difficult to know where to go. TNT, TCM, J Public Relations, the list goes on. One with a decent name for itself is UK-based Pelican PR, and I’ll use it as a miniature case study of what a PR company can offer.

PR Campaign Firms

Since the amount of work involved in creating these campaigns is more, and since they are not straight forward, most of the companies tend to outsource these tasks to PR firms. These firms specialize in public relations campaigns and can give valuable input that can improve the results. They can also help you execute the campaign in a better way so that you can get the intended results at a faster pace.

Pelican –  A Manchester-based digital PR Company

It’s important with PR to know your surroundings (especially with respect to local businesses and competitors). This is why, in the case of Pelican, it’s better when a PR firm has a locality. If you live in Surrey, or the Orkneys, or America, for example, then you need to research who the best people in your area are. This research will truly pay off in the long run.

Right, I know this wasn’t a comprehensive guide to PR Campaigns – but I hope it gave you a little bit more of an idea of what they’re all about.